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Fire Safety Responsibilities in Hotels

Hotels present unique fire safety issues due to their cross section of occupants and wide variety of building types. Research by the Fire Protection Association (FPA) has revealed many problems with hotel fire safety, particularly in alerting occupants in the event of a fire and in the provision of adequate escape routes. Many of these problems are associated with small and medium sized hotels rather than those forming part of large chains.

It is critical that, if a fire occurs, the occupants are alerted at the earliest possible moment, especially at night when a fire is unlikely to be discovered by people moving around the hotel. Research has shown serious shortfalls in the provision of adequate detection and alarm arrangements. When guests are awoken by an alarm in the middle of the night, many will delay evacuation before confirming to themselves that there is a real fire.

When leaving the building, most guests will be traveling along corridors and down stairs that they will not have seen before. They may also be tired, suffering from the effects of alcohol and have young children or elderly relatives to assist. The research showed that many escape routes contain obstacles and that in older buildings corridors sometimes lead to dead ends; a worrying safety hazard.

In 1986, a series of recommendations ‘Recommendation on fire safety in existing hotels (Directive 86/666/EEC)‘ were produced which specified minimum fire safety standards for existing hotels across the European Union. The recommendations aimed to reduce the risk of fire and prevent the spread of flames and smoke as well as ensuring that occupants could be evacuated safely and that emergency services could take action.

Fire Safety – Guide

Installing fire protection equipment at the premises does not guarantee complete safety. It is essential to consider other aspects as well, like maintenance and inspection for the proper functioning of these tools. Hire a reputable company that can provide all the services under one roof. Thus, get the installation, maintenance, repair, and inspection services with the experts. Regular inspection and servicing can ensure the long life of this equipment, and can save you from a huge damage to the personnel as well as property.

Under the inspection and maintenance services, the professionals check the tools, and repair or replace the faulty ones for the proper working of all the resources. They also provide annual fire safety statement for your property that ensure that all the fire safety equipment installed in the building are found efficient, and can perform to the standard, necessary by the most recent fire safety schedule. It does not certify that the fire safety measure is compliant. Instead, this statement is a form of annual declaration to the local authorities by the property owners that the existing ‘essential fire safety measures’ applicable to a building have been tested by a qualified team, and are found fit for purpose.

Today, all the buildings, whether it is a commercial or residential are equipped with fire safety gears following the standards of their state. But, some older buildings do not have a fire safety schedule as they existed before the laws were commenced or have a different set of rules. It is essential to maintain the fire safety statements properly so that you can show them in case of need. The professionals check numerous fire systems, like sprinkler systems, fire doors, exit signs, fire hydrants, smoke exhaust systems, fire detection and alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, many more.It is very important to inspect the buildings every year to save the people as well as damage to the property due to any fire mishap. Large commercial buildings have to be very careful in this regard as it is the matter of the lives of countless people, and any carelessness can be disastrous.

Annual Fire Safety Statement – Proper Fire Protection Equipments...

Fire safety tools are essential to limit the fire and save the premises as well as individuals from its danger. But, just by installing them, your safety is not assured. It is vital to check their functionality as well. There are a myriad of fire protection devices incorporated into the buildings, including sprinkler systems, fire hydrants, exit signs, fire doors, smoke exhaust systems, fire extinguishers, fire detection and alarms, and emergency lighting.

Hire a renowned fire protection company that can offer a myriad range of services. The professionals understand the importance of maintenance and inspection services of the fire safety gears for their fine and trouble-free working. It is imperative to look for a well known firm, having a good name in the market to avail its satisfactory assistance. The experts will examine the space to uncover the areas, which are prone to fire, and then set up the tools to these areas. They also perform an annual inspection to know their working, and to replace or repair the defective instruments. The experts prepare an annual fire safety statement as well for your property, depending on the functionality of all the tools.

Annual fire safety certificate ensures that all the fire instruments installed in the building have been examined by the proficient team and were found to be expeditious of performing to the standard essential by the most recent fire safety schedule. If there is any fault in the device, then they will fix it. It is essential to ensure that all the safety equipment is in best condition, so that they can work effectively in an emergency.

Annual fire safety statement is very important, and cannot be ignored for the safety concerns. Without knowing, whether the installed equipment is working properly or not, you cannot ensure the safety of the building and the individuals. So, get in touch with a reliable fire protection professional who can offer the installation, regular maintenance and inspection services. Also, ask the experts to provide annual certification for your building.

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